Changing column assembly orientations
After adding columns to the collection, it is possible to change the assembly orientations of the columns, which affect how the parts in each column will be incorporated into the resulting DNA constructs (e.g. in the forward direction (top-strand) or reverse direction (bottom-strand)).

Demonstration video:

Here is a demonstration video that goes through this process (Change column orientation.mov, right click this link to save the movie to disk for better viewing):

Here is a DeviceEditor .xml saved design file resulting from saving after the demonstration above (Change column orientation.xml, right click and save link as to save the design file to disk):


It is possible to change the assembly orientation (indicated by a left (reverse) or right (forward) arrow button) of a column by clicking on the corresponding arrow button in the header row. Doing so will flip the assembly orientation of the column. When changing a column's orientation, the associated SBOL Visual icon (if any) will also be rotated 180 degrees (although for symmetric icons, like the "Operator Site", there will be no discernible difference) to reflect the change.

After changing the assembly orientations of the columns, the next steps are to name the columns, and/or set the columns' j5 assembly directives.