People supporting the development of j5
The j5 development team would like to acknowledge the following people for their supporting efforts and valuable feedback:


Chris Fields (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign), for developing the Primer3Redux BioPerl package, and for incorporating proposed changes therein that benefit j5.

Michael Montague, Allan Kuchinsky, Brandon Chen, Richard Heins, D. Praveen Kumar, and Cesar Rodriguez for letters of support.

Camille Delebecque, Clay Wright, Hendrik Waegeman, Simon Kretschmer, Silvan Schmitz, Monica Schwartz, Mark Budde, Alessandra Sangherlin, and Esteban Toro, Florian Lienert, Ove Øyås, Marco Riojas, Brian Landry, Sergey Zotchev, Julien Hadoux, and Willem Veerman for user feedback and suggestions that have contributed to making j5 better.

Michal Galdzicki for discussions during the implementation of SBOL XML import/export.

Ernst Oberortner, Swapnil Bhatia, and Douglas Densmore, for discussions during the implementation of Eugene design specification rule support.

JBEI/LBL/UC Berkeley:

Will Holtz, Becky Rutherford, Fuzhong Zhang, Rob Dahl, Katy Christiansen, Anna Chen, Josh Gilmore, James Carothers, Vivek Mutalik, Lance Martin, Mario Ouellet, Heather Szmidt, Andrew Hagen, Clem Fortman, Richard Heins, Eric Steen, Marijke Frederix, Michael Dougherty, Sean Poust, Changhao Bi, Dan Tarjan, Garima Goyal, Will DeLoache, Michael He, Pouya Javidpour, Jim Kirby, and Angie Tarver for user feedback and suggestions that have contributed to making j5 better.

David Pletcher, Steve Lane, Zinovii Dmytriv, Ian Vaino and William Morrell for providing information technology including the coding of an example perl-cgi example script from which the j5 stand alone simplified web interface emerged (including accessing a postgresql database for user authentication), as well as web-server, subversion repository, JIRA project tracking, user-access control support (via mediawiki), and CSS assistance.

Robin Johnston, for technology transfer consultation and support, including the composition of the software copyright, software licenses, and software disclaimer.

Robin Chiang, for intellectual property consultation and support.

Suzanne Storar and Seth Karten, for preparation of promotional materials.

Pam Seidenman and Paul Adams for strategic software licensing guidance.

Jay D. Keasling, for general guidance, as well as research and development support.