The j5 development team
Nathan J. Hillson:

Development of the j5 software package and its various user interfaces. Composition of the j5 manual.

Rafael Rosengarten:

Experimental validation of j5-designed assemblies. Methodological translation/development for the transition from the bench to high-throughput liquid-handling robotics DNA assembly platforms.

Zinovii Dmytriv

Development of supporting code for user-access controls.

Timothy Ham

Technical guidance during the implementation of the j5 XML-RPC web service.

Gregory Linshiz and Nina Stawski

Technical guidance during the implementation of PR-PR configuration file output for downstream automation design procedures.

Vivek Mutalik

Composition of the 5' phosphorylation of annealed DNA oligos protocol.

Nicholas Beck

Composition of the SLiCE DNA Assembly protocols.

William J. Holtz

Composition of the One Part CPEC DNA Assembly protocol.


Please address any feedback or other correspondence to Nathan J. Hillson ([email protected]).