Condensed multiple j5 assembly files
The condensed multiple j5 assembly files j5 output file is a CSV file that contains all of the information resulting from the condensing multiple j5 assembly files. The first line in the file is a header line that just serves to identify the assembly method selected (e.g. "Condensed"), as well as the version of j5 used to generate the assembly (e.g. "v0.1alpha") and the date that the assembly was designed (e.g. "4/7/2010").

Here is an example first line header:

Other subsections:
are identical to those described for the j5 SLIC/Gibson/CPEC/SLiCE assembly design output, combinatorial SLIC/Gibson/CPEC/SLiCE design output, Golden-gate assembly design output, and/or combinatorial Golden-gate assembly design output files.

NOTE: several warning messages (including those related to primer design difficulties and Golden Gate type IIs endonuclease recognition sites found within the final assembled vector) are not output in the condensed output file. They are only listed in the assembly design files for each individual assembly. As such, it is important to check the individual assembly design output files for these warnings before pursuing the condensed collection of assemblies.

Example j5 condensed assembly file:
Here is an example j5 condensed assembly output CSV file (myassemblyfilelist_condensed.csv):