DeviceEditor: a BioCAD canvas
Introduction to Biological Computer-Aided Design
From specification, to design, to implementation, to assay
Overview of DeviceEditor
Bioinformatics/BioCAD preliminaries
Process flow for DeviceEditor
Specific (video) demonstrations of how to use DeviceEditor
Starting a DeviceEditor session
About DeviceEditor
Controlling DeviceEditor properties
Saving, clearing and loading DeviceEditor designs
Collection columns and assembly product type
Adding and removing columns
Changing column SBOL Visual icons
Changing column assembly orientations
Changing column names
Controlling column assembly directives for j5
Changing the assembly product type (circular/linear)
Mapping sequences to parts
Changing a part's name or definition
Changing the assembly strategy for a part
Creating Eugene design specification rules
Importing a set of Eugene design specification rules
Cutting/copying/pasting parts (between DeviceEditor sessions, and from the part holding area)
Integration with j5
Controlling j5 assembly parameters
Creating sequence files (from mapped parts) and j5 input files
Auto-generate parts from a set of j5 input files
Running a Mock, SLIC/Gibson/CPEC or Golden Gate DNA assembly design on the j5 server
Running a combinatorial Mock, SLIC/Gibson/CPEC or Golden Gate DNA assembly design on the j5 server
Running a condensation of multiple j5 assembly files on the j5 server
Controlling downstream automation parameters
Running a downstream automation design on the j5 server
Local installation of DeviceEditor software
DeviceEditor installation
Version change log
In depth guide
DeviceEditor system clipboard interface specification
DeviceEditor format (.xml) design files
People supporting the development of DeviceEditor
Research funds supporting the development of DeviceEditor
Legal documentation
Copyright notice
Non-commercial software license
Commercial software license
Citation of DeviceEditor
How to cite DeviceEditor
Publications citing DeviceEditor
Media coverage of DeviceEditor
Contact information
The DeviceEditor development team